Source SDK: Create a Mod Error.

Hey Guys!

When I try creating a Mod with 2009 Engine’s Half life 2 settings i get this following error.

Can't Open  CreateModFiles\source2009\gameinfo_sp.txt

Anyone know how I can fix this problem?



Theres 2 things that could be wrong:
[li]you :yarr:'ed it
[/li][li]You didn’t install it properly
Re-install HL2 and all the other source games.
That includes mods such as GMOD Hidden:source Zombie panic.

this is wrong.
[li] Valve haven’t released source code for the source engine 2009.

Alright, Thanks Firegod… Do you know when they will release it?

Not a clue. I think it might be after they update their games to source engine 2009. Then maybe. Cause you know you do have code in there for mac, and valve probably want to make it as simple for us to make our mods mac compatible. So just use source engine 2007 for now and map in 2009.

Alright, Thanks.