Source SDK Garry's Mod Map Error! Please Help :L

When I run Garry’s Mod on Source SDK it open fines but as soon as I open a new map it says this ’ Failed to load the default scheme file. The map views may be missing some visual elements. ". I’ve been looking all over for a fix and I can’t get my head around it. If anyone can help me much appreciated, thanks.

Source SDK is broken and will never be fixed. Use CS:S or TF2 or HL2 hammer editor in steamapps/common/<gamename>/bin/hammer.exe

GMods hammer is broken too.

So wait, so is they anyway at all I can make maps for Garry’s Mod?

I told you, use hammer editor from another game.

So, wait so If i run Hammer in Half-Life will the maps stil work with gmod?

Not Half-Life 1, but in Half-Life 2, CS:S, TF2, yes.

Can you explain like how that would work, because wait what…your saying that opening hammer in CS:S or Tf2, hl2 the maps i make will still work with gmod?

How do you think people play on CS:S maps in GMod? TTT? Deathrun? You just copy the map from hl2 maps folder into gmod maps/ folder and you can load it.

You can even configure CS:S or HL2 hammer to export maps directly to GMods maps/ folder.

And by the way, it’s “you’re”.

Thanks, and hopefully it will work.