Source SDK/Hammer doesn't work.

I’ve searched and searched and searched, and I can’t find anything that will fix this.

I’ve completely deleted and reinstalled Source SDK. When I run the SDK, the window does open. But from here, nothing works. I’m wanting to use Hammer to try mapping for Garry’s Mod, none of the options open anything. If I click Edit Game Configurations, nothing comes up. I’ve reset the game configurations and nothing happens, and I’ve refreshed SDK Content and still nothing. Also, on any pop up messages, the button text is missing and replaced with a # following a random name, like if I’m missing something required. This is really frustrating, any help?

So wait, you can’t load up hammer for anything?

Won’t load for anything, not even HL2:DM. I’d be happy with just HL2:DM working even.

Did you download Source SDK from steam?

Yes. Should I have downloaded it elsewhere?

No, just making sure.

Do you have the games installed and have run them? (Gmod doesn’t count)

I have HL2:DM, yes. And just an update, I read a random post mentioning a similar problem, and they said that adding the -32bit switch fixes it. Even though I’m running 32bit WinXP, my Hammer DOES open now under HL2:DM when loading SourceSDK with -32bit. But the “Edit Game Configurations” button still does nothing. So all the mapping tutorials in the world won’t help me if I can’t set it up properly.

Source SDK has it set up automatically based on what game you have picked so you shouldn’t need to edit the settings.

On the SDK menu reset game configurations and ensure you’ve run DM to the main menu at least once.

“I’ve reset the game configurations and nothing happens, and I’ve refreshed SDK Content and still nothing.” - This is in my first post.

I read in a tutorial that you have to Edit Game Configurations to add Garry’s Mod to the list of games. That is why I need the button to work, even though it’s not. I repeat, HL2:DM DOES load in hammer now, I have ran HL:DM before, HL:DM wise everything is peachy. But I’m trying to get it to load for Garry’s Mod.

Run it for a source game instead?

Bah, I meant HL2:DM.

Edit: Edited other posts to prevent confusion.

For me i don’t like compiling into gmod cause the load time is longer then something like CSS or hl2.

See my SDK decided to stop working today as well. Says game is currently unavailable, started right after vbsp stopped responding during a compile for my astrodome map.

If I find how to fix it I’ll post it to see if it helps you.

I believe that’s a different problem yournamehere. I’ve read about it on a lot of forums. I believe they fixed it by doing 1 of 2 things. One, restarting your steam. Or Two, verifying your game cache (then restarting steam to just be on the safe side). Mine problem is different in that I don’t receive any errors. Some of the options just simply do not work, like setting up a new config so I can add gmod.

If I don’t find a solution, I’ll probably just stick with hammer loading HL2:DM. As, I planned on using as many built in resources as possible anyhow. Plus “???” mentioned load times being longer, I may just be better off.

start up task manager, processes tab, find and end vbsp.exe or gameoverlayui.exe, it thinks you are still using the SDK otherwise.