Source SDK hammer issues.

I downloaded Source SDK about 3 weeks ago. First day hammer worked fine. I messed around a bit and learned how to do things. Second day, i couldnt play it because it freaked out on me. First, once i chose new map it wouldnt let me click anything for a couple of minutes after that. Then it finally popped up. The 3d windows (i had 2 3d windows at the time) were black and i couldnt move around or see anythign in them. The 2d windows were just pure white. I then switched to the internet to look to see if anyone else experienced this problem (i found nobody). When i returned to hammer the formely white 2d windows now were filled with a small portion of the webpage i had previously been on. For example if i went to my desktop then back, then a small portion of my background for my desktop would be in the windows. It has continued this for quite some time. Every once in awhile, if I leave the window open for an hour or two and do something else for the mean time, then when i get back on it it will work.If i close it though or get off for awhile and get back on, it wont be working again. It is really getting agrivating and I really need help. I didnt change any of the configuration of the game or anything like that. Please help. Thanks.

Maybe update your graphics card drivers.

No thats not it. Everything else works fine such as gmod and all that. I only have a problem with this.