Source SDK hammer mapping Issue

For some reason when I open Hammer with Counter Strike Source as the current game, the 2d and 3d windows come up as this (see below) and I can’t get it to work, zooming in and out does nothing. This only happens in Counter Strike Source, when i use hammer with Half life 2 episode 2 it works fine.
Hopefully someone can give me a hand with this.

Are you trying to run CS:S in the orangebox engine? Cause you can’t.


Also, try adding base.fgd if its not already there

I didn’t realize you can’t run CS:S in orangebox i had that setting on, though the only other “Engine Version” that is available is Half Life 2 Episode one which for some reason doesn’t load the edit game configurations tab

Its broken for me too, hmm…

Just press reset game configuration on hammer and it should fix it. If not, do it manually by loading up hammer, going to tools, options.

Whenever I press reset game configuration on hammer it does nothing. And when i press edit game configuration it just changes Counter Strike Source in Current game or any other game to Half Life 2, does nothing, none of the buttons work when its not in The Orange Box