Source SDK / Hammer versions

So I’ve just started building a single player mod in the source engine and I’m a bit confused as to which is the most recent and up to date version of the software.
I’m currently using the Portal version of hammer for mapping as it seems to be more up to date than the 2009 half life one.

What’s the best version to use to get all the latest features / effects / textures etc? I see there’s been a big graphical update to Global Offensive Hammer, are these features exclusive to GO or can they be enabled in any version. Can the GO SDK be easily configured to create single player content?


If your using source sdk 2013 to make your SP mod stick with that hammer which is in Steam\steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer\bin , the cs.go hammer and compile tools make a different .bsp version. version 21 where as the portal compile tools will make version 20 which is the same as sdk2013 :slight_smile: , If your coding the mod as well you sould be able to code in the new features like what cs.go has :slight_smile:

Makes sense I guess, it annoys me that the sdk launcher is still broken after Steam Pipe, even with Base2013 only the 2009 configuration shows up, thanks for the info :slight_smile:

It depends on what game you want to mod.
If you want to mod HL2 then source sdk 2013 is the latest one.
If you want to mod portal 2 it has its own sdk.
CSGO features are exclusive to csgo.

mappers dont use the launcher any more because since steampipe each source game has their own Hammer in the Bin folder unless its a mod in which case you would use the hammer for SP/Mp sdk 2013 , if you were working on an old 2007/09 mod then the launcher does work , " i keep a 2007 mod just so i can use propper to make simple prop models for my maps "