Source SDK - How to add more than one skin for a NPC?

I’m making a mod and I have two skins I am wanting to use for npc_metropolice. I want the first skin to be on the metro police with stunbatons and pistols, and I want the second skin to be on the metropolice with smg’s. Does anyone know how I can do this?

Add $texturegroup to the QC. The Valve Developer Wiki explains everything.

I’m not sure that alternate skins are what you’re looking for - this seems to be more an equipment-set problem.

Where is the QC for the npc_metropolice?

If he’s using npc spawners he can set up the template NPC that the map uses to spawn SMG-equipped CPs to use the alt skin and always be equipped with an SMG.

If he’s individually placing them though then obviously he will have to edit every single one.

Also, I wasn’t aware simply adding new skin groups worked for NPCs that normally don’t have them…I thought that whether or not an NPC would be able to switch skins was hardcoded in the NPC’s code. Don’t you still need to add the ‘Skin’ context thing to the NPC’s entry in Hammer, or will it just autodetect whether or not it has alt skins, or is it inherited from some other class in the FGD?

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You’ll want to decompile the model and then recompile after adding the stuff you need to the QC. I think you can find a QC for them in the stuff SDK comes with but I know some of those sources are waaaay out of date.