Source SDK isn't working/drawing boxes...

Alright so I have this weird problem in Source SDK where I can not draw boxes in any of the three workspaces. I can’t even view anything on the camera. There is no grid, but just a huge plus sign/random line. I have a few pictures below/above (I’m new so I don’t know where they will be located :P). Any help appreciated!


And a quick video I whipped up.

Source SDK launcher is basically broken, try using my Multi-Tool

If that works, I will +rep or whatever it is you do on facepunch :smiley:

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Alright so now I am getting this error when trying to set up the config:

Before it said “No GameConfig.txt found” when I clicked saveConfig. I made a gameconfig.txt and it gives me that error…

More help will be appreciated!

Garry’s mod still isn’t working properly with hammer. Use ep2, then set the bsp output to your gmod maps folder. That’s what I do and it works fine.

This is what I do as well. Output path options are in hammer.

You do have Source SDK 2013 multiplayer installed right? You are the second person I know of that has gotten this bug and it seems to be that for whatever reason when you downloaded the SDK it didn’t give you a gameconfig.txt by default.

I’ll have to add in something to check for a gameconfig and add one if it doesn’t find it.

The error you are getting is because your gameconfig was empty (the code is looking for a certain line to insert its config in and since it didn’t find it got upset)

Copy paste this into your gameconfig and then retry it, don’t worry if my filepaths are wrong compared to yours the tool will correct it on its own.

It’s fine. I got it to work. The fix is that you don’t choose “Garry’s Mod” after setting up the gameconfig.txt, but you choose Custom Config instead. It works perfectly now :slight_smile: