Source SDK Issues/ Coding help

I have 2 questions to ask so ill start with the first 1 now.

  1. Source SDK problems
    I downloaded Source SDK yesterday. For about 2 hours i messed around with hammer trying to learn how it works. Then i got off. When I got back on today there were issues. Once hammer loaded I chose new and the windows popped up. The 3d windows I had were black and i couldnt move around in them. The 2d windows were blank with no grid. Also at first i couldnt do anything at all. I couldnt make brushes, mess with buttons, or anything like that. Eventually I could but now in the 2d windows it showed images of the last window (internet explorer) i had up. This problem persists still even though i turned off the computer for an hour and then tried again. I really want to get started with map building and things like that but right now hammer just wont work. I didnt change any settings either. If someone could help it would be really nice.

  2. I need coding help.
    I have recently got into lua coding so i can start making things for g-mod. I made a test gametype that showed up but didnt neccessarily do what i wanted to. I had read the lua series tutorials and also a couple of vgui and gamemode tutorials. I tried to make a serious gametype but it isnt even showing up in G-mod for me. I could use some help with that and also with coding in general seeing as i only know the limited amount from those tutorials and couldnt make something more complex or make something from scratch without following those specific guidelines. I was wondering if any experienced coders for g-mod could possibly help me with this and even possibly do something like tutoring and help me learn how to do all this. I am looking for a future in gaming and i wanna get started early so this would really help me out. Thanks