Source SDK Mapping

I got 3 stuff i want to tell/ask:

1: This is my first post on this forum!
2: How people make curved roads that look really good?..
3: I am always getting VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE error. Witch i find normal since i used many blocks… But it’s a BA_JAIL that isn’t even big (The first time this happened was on a ba_jail map i done)… And i see maps like EvoCity having LOTS of detail and space. MY map wasn’t even 1/7 out of Evocity. How he done it?

I need help with 2 and 3 only. Thanks!

2 Got solved. I need to know how to get ride of the VERTEX_BUFFER_SIZE error.



Yeaah… I understand your point. But apparently this post is under:

Home > Garry’s Mod > Garry’s Mod Discussion > Help & Support

Soo i really screwed up my mind in selecting the category… Since i needed help with MAPPING. And this category is about HELP & SUPPORT. I didn’t know what to do… But if i start to think about it i think i REALLY should’ve put this in there…

Just post it again in mapping you’re not gonna get banned or anything