Source SDK: No player start?

I’ve been working on my map for a few weeks now, and progress is going slower because I cannot test my own maps. I got a tip from a friend, saying I should look at the “Check for problems” tab. I fixed everything that was there, but there is still a problem in the box. It says “No player start”, even though I have 32 info_player_team_spawn’s in the map. When I then run the map, I randomly spawn at a point in the map, making me falling forever in the void. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Add an info_player_start.

Also, why can’t you test your own maps?

Because there is no player start? :v:

no thats not a problem. if you map for tf2/css/dm you will always see that warning with alt+p. orginal hl2 got for spawning a info_player_start in games after that they renamed per game the player spawn entitie. so for tf2 its indeed a info_player_team_spawn but they forgot to remove the warnings from alt+p. for fun to get the warning away you can put a info_player in, but its not needed.

youre problem with falling in the void is something else. for now the only thing i can say is to check that none off youre spawn points is touching a brush.

Having no info_player_start will not stop the map from compiling. Though, if you don’t have one, it will spawn you at 0,0,0 which according to your description is the cause.

Either A, just add one somewhere for testing and remove it later; Or B, just use sv_cheats 1 + noclip.