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Recently I’ve been having…serious problems using Source SDK. Model Viewer doesn’t work, Hammer Editor is weird, and everything is a mess. I was wondering if there is a way to fix this all, or another way to get Hammer Editor to work.

-Thank you

Which SDK are you using?

The ones in the tools menu.

Also, this is the nonsense I’m talking about. This is Source Engine 2009 on Source SDK with HL2:

I haven’t gotten the SDK to work either, but if you launch Hammer or the model viewer straight from the game folder it works.

e.g. - SteamApps/common/Half-Life 2/bin/hammer.exe (this lets you choose episodes too)

I tried, it works, but it’s weird. Some features are off…

Like what? Mine seems to have everything, at least, everything I know about.

When I change textures on a model or surface it just deletes everything.

That’s weird, it doesn’t do that for me.

Although when I start it from the bin it doesn’t ask what game it wants me to use, it just goes straight to Hammer Editor.

Because each (supported) game has it’s own hammer.exe in its bin folder.

I tend to open hammer.bat rather than hammer.exe as the bat does a couple of extra steps which tends to fix any problems I have from opening the exe directly (assuming this still exists, not worked with Hammer in months).

When I try the .bat it just opens as a console and closes. How do you run it?

Just use the TF2 tools in common/tf2/bin, Source SDK is deprecated by VALVe.

Well, it all messed up with steampipe update.
But you can download a non-steam version of hammer and use it instead.

Just use TF2 tools.

I wish Valve made this a little more clear. :C

I’ll probably just use TF2 tools.

But, I’m interested to see what a non-steam version of hammer is and where I can get it.

Uh, why are you suggesting him the TF2 Tools exactly? I understand if he was editing levels for tf2.

If you were planning on designing levels using hl2 and the episodes content strictly then look for the source sdk base 2013, then when it finishes its install go into the common folder and look for the base 2013 folder. Then launch hammer as usual a dialog will pop up asking whether or not you want to launch HL2 or its episodes.

I’m going to try this, I’ll let you know if I hit a wall or anything.

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Source SDK 2013 Multiplayer or Singleplayer?

I believe single player is your best bet. Its the one I use

Because everyone has TF2.