Source SDK not recognizing my games

Ahoy GentlePeoples.

I am obviously due to my post count new to FacePunch and to an extent Garry’s mod. Enough introduction, hold your applaud.

My question is, why is Source SDK not recognizing my games, and how can i fix it? I enter the code
-engine ep1
on launch options yet it still doesn’t work.


If you have just finished installing your games, you need to run them once. After you have it should work.

Have been playing gmod for a few weeks, it therefore has been run!

To an extent.

If you want to be a cocky ass learn basic English and basic cocky phrases.




You need to run your source games i.e. half life 2, counter strike: source.

Gmod is not a preset for Source SDK, you need to manually set everything up for it to use garrysmod…

Quit being an ass. its obvious English isn’t his first language.

Also, Garry’s Mod uses the orangebox (episode 2) engine. If you manually set up Garry’s Mod for the ep1 engine, then it will not work right.

Like stated before, you need to run your games first before you can use them in the SDK, if they don’t show up after you have done that, try pressing Refresh SDK content.

ignoring half of that,

so i run counter-strike and It’ll work?

Yes it will work if you run Counter-Strike:Source, but only for that game.


here are the options i have selected, but still no option for garry’s mod…

The garrysmod configuration doesn’t come with the Source SDK, you need to configure hammer manually.

When you do this, make sure you use the orangebox engine or else it wont work right.

^^And if it says can’t find gameinfo.txt delete your gameinfo.txt in garrysmod/garrysmod directory and run gmod10 and a new one will appear and then start up source sdk and it’ll work :smiley:

If you do not set up the garrymods config, please don’t come running back here. It is not necessary to make a gmod config to map for gmod, and usually creating the config can be hell.

^^ You evidently dont read.

Thanks for the helpful comments though i managed to solve my problem on my own accord in the end.