Source SDK on other platforms...

I wish Valve released the Source SDK for OSX, at least. It works fine on Linux, but the only computers in this house are Linux and OSX. The Linux box wouldn’t work because it has an SSD of only 64 GB.

Post your thoughts here.

Un-needed thread,

A large amount of Source SDK developers are windows based and those who do have Macs (ala Gamedev) I believe use windows as well (Gamedev, Confirm you sexy thing).

Valve will likely not get round to this in a long time as it will not benefit Valve in any way.

Ifyou’re that bothered buy an external hard drive for use with your Linux machine for maps etc?

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I also thought OSX had wine?

I believe on the newer macs (with intel cpu’s) can have a dual boot into windows.

Of course, once you have windows on your mac, you need never use osx ever again.

I installed Windows 7 on my MacBook pro. Steam and Source SDK work smoothly.

iDevice Source SDK. Very impractical, very unrequired, might be cool.

I wouldnt say that Source SDK runs on Linux, if i need to use it with Wine.

OSX has parallels or boot camp.

The only reason I’d like SDK on my macbook is so I could work at school / on the road

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Parallels uses emulated video and sound drivers, it’s impossible to run any game.

Bootcamp is yo friend