source SDK problem

{sorry, mean’t to say GUIstudioMDL problem on the title}

it says it can’t find episode 1 and orange box tools in source SDK… and i also can’t find them as well…

don’t tell me i need to buy half life 2, and half life episode 1…

How someone doesn’t own HL2 these days is beyond me…

someone with no money. now can you just tell me that i do need HL2 and orange box all along, and i’m an idiot for not having them?

Source SDK is not used anymore, mod tools now ship with their respective games.

and i’ve been following mariokart’s guide on making ragdolls for nothing?


…Well, it depends on how recently it was written. If it was last updated before early 2013 then it’s deprecated.

so how can i compile the smd models into mdl or whatever kind of new format for garry’s mod?

That’s just generic compiling, that process hasn’t changed. It’s where you put the files that’s different now.

Also, here’s a good current tutorial.

Old tools still work fine to be honest. At least I haven’t noticed any difference with compiling stuff outside of steamapps/accounts/sourceSDK

i did what the tutorial told me for GUIstudio, but when i load up the model in HLMV, this appeared: