source sdk - problems !

Guys im having problems with my sdk, hammer wont open, half life 2 deathmatch wont open so that i can use hammer, i dont know what to do, any ideas ?

Game - halflife 2: deathmatch
Engine - halflife 2 - EP 1


Give us more information, for example, what happens when you try to launch hammer?

Does it crash, or does it exit just after starting it?

nothing happens, it doesnt open, once it did and it said missing game configuration but it doesnt open atall same with hl2:dm

Tried clicking that button, “Refresh game content” or something? (can’t remember what it says exactly)

its my first time using sdk so nothigns changed apart from the game, but half life 2 dm wont even open it exits as soon as its opened

Have you started hl2dm atleast one time before opening source sdk/hammer?

No, i try launching half life 2 deathmath but it doesnt open it says prepairing to launch game but the box goes away after around 5-10 secs then nothing happens

That’s probably your problem then.

When you launch hl2dm, check the processes list in the task manager, if hl2.exe is running but is only taking < 30 mb ram, close the process tree, then try launching dm again, if the same thing happens, repeat.

Try 2-3 times.

how do i do that becuase i cant get hl2;dm to even open, i cant get to the menu on hl2;dm

I know, you said that.

open the task manager, then launch hl2 dm(in window mode) then monitor the task manager for any processes that opens and closes very quickly.

also, do you find a “gameoverlayui.exe” or something when you try and launch hl2dm?

If not, that might be why you can’t launch dm, i havn’t searched for a solution for this, all i have ever done is what i said in a previous post.

To open task manager press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. If you are running vista/7 click on the “start task manager” button. If you are running windows XP it should open automatically.

Dude i dont get this task manager stuff, i have it open but what do i do now ?

Does selecting Half-Life 2 from the SDK menu work?
If it does, I can help you. Even I don’t understand this task manager stuff that well either, so you’re not alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

in sdk it lets me choose my game and engine yes.

Click the processes tab on the task manager, then find ‘GameOverlayUI.exe’ and select it. Now click end process and select OK. Enjoy!

Thats not there?

That tab, find “hl2.exe/gameoverlayui.exe” when you launch the game

Still not there, the only one that shows up is hl2.exe nothing else?

Ok, so assuming hammer does load when using: ENGINE - EP1 | GAME - Half-Life 2 :Here’s what we do:

  1. Load up Hammer with Half-Life 2.
  2. Tools>Options
  3. Make sure the config is Half-Life 2, and if it is, below it should say something like: halflife2.fgd
  4. Click Add, which will bring up a new box. Make sure you are in sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin and select hl2mp.fgd from the list.
  5. Click apply and make a new map.

This method dosen’t launch HL2DM (it launches HL2 for compile, and it does work), but it does enable you to have all the props, spawns etc.
It’ll work when you put in your finsihed BSP file into your HL2DM maps folder. :slight_smile:
Note that if you want to, whilst adding the hl2mp.fgd, you can add others if you wish (but not from orangebox! Well, I think).

Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

i tryed changing it there but it doesnt work …