Source SDK Tutorial: How to make a two stop elevator using func_tracktrain

A video i made for all of you new Source SDK users who wants to make maps.

You will find more info in the description :slight_smile:
Hope you enjoy, please rate and comment!

Fix’d :wink:

I hate tutorials like this, you don’t even explain what everything does. Get a microphone, ditch the shitty audio swap music, and go off of friends when you are recording. Not to mention your elevator didn’t even work right. Also, a better entity is func_movelinear.


What a useless post.

Plus, func_movelinear is a better choice for 2 stop elevators…

You do things too quickly, i know what you are doing, but someone who is new to mapping won’t.

Why are you talking to friends while making a help tutorial?

And, when the map does start, you play around with some boxes…

So, in total, not a very good tutorial.

For future reference, func_movelinear is the better choice for any elevator. It only requires a single entity and allows you to create multi-floor elevators with ease.

how many tutorials have i seen with the SAME FUCKING SONG! so done with sound system…i hear them on every tutorial

Yes im sorry for the audioswap, i used a song that youtube hated (Lol) so i had to audioswap and i used a mic from the beginning but it also got replaced, damn youtube! Lol the steam chat was my friend telling me about propblockers on my rp server.

Those are not excuses. Don’t even use songs on tutorials unless it’s at the very beginning for an intro of sorts, but they’re not needed. Go offline next time, or get more admins for your RP server, like I dunno, maybe him.

One day people will learn that there is almost no such thing as a good excuse. There are a few exceptions, but on the whole, excuses are just that.

You have a server?

I do. A listen server

I think this is my new emote.

OP does.

I have been thinking of getting one up.

It’s not an excuse, its a fact.

Why not re upload without the music?

Why not use voice instructions?

He was, he got audio swapped.

I’ll just fix this thread.

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I think it’s somewhat of a dickish move to advertise your own tutorials on someone else’s thread.

sphinxa279, Get a life and stop putting your video on my thread. I’m kinda going to make a movelinear tutorial with mic, but remove ur damn video from my thread! :ramsay:

No I’m not gonna remove mine as mine is the better method of doing an elevator.