Source SDK Updating?

Anyone else’s updating, or updated earlier? What got updated, it’s 187.9 MB

Mine just started.

Nothing over here

Apparently there seems to be a connection issue with the update. I’m not receiving any download rate from valve’s servers. Can anyone else confirm if they too are experiencing a similar problem?

Nothing here either. Maybe they are fixing things.

Oh wait, this is valve…hmm…maybe they are adding more features (bugs)

Ep2 hammer won’t start.

Oh now it starts for me.

Neither will mine. Seems to be locked in a “need to update but can’t” loop.

Yup, mine’s stuck at 0% now all my games are saying unavailable when trying to launch, also.

Thanks Valve.

Mine’s 187.9 MB?

Same for me.

Steam went fucktard on me, so I’m restarting.

187.9Mb in here too.

My bad, I misread it. Mine’s 187.9 as well.

Delivery system will be slow and problematic. Seen this sort of thing before. I wonder if valve know how many people have source sdk on their servers.

I will however start the ball rolling:

I’ll give 2:1 odds that the update will make the sdk unusable on any pc that was built after 2005.

God fuck Valve all I want to do is play my games, can anyone launch theirs?



Fuck me…

I know, what it was: itemtest.

mentioned in this blog post.

Im totally fine, I’m working on a map right now :pwn:

There’s gotta be more that just itemtest for a download taking this long, even on slow servers it wouldn’t even take more than two minutes for such a small change.

It wont update till you close sdk.

  • Item test is on the sdk list
  • Hammer doesn’t open…hmm…this could be a problem.