Source SDK Updating?

Might want to note though, that there have been other issues on downloading, not just slow speeds.

That was October 11 though wasn’t it?

Hey backup your gcf files for the sdk and then we can make a diff and see what the update changed.

You might want to note, that the itemtest -feature went public just today.

Oh i see. I don’t stay up with tf2 stuff really. But I doubt the whole thing was 188 mb?

Can’t open sdk either…

yep, it’s itemtest

yay now i can um

go back to hammer

Right, steam servers are fucked. Closed steam because it kept thinking sdk was open, now it simple will not connect.

Crashed twice running games/trying to update

I like the part where they made hammer more simple to use.

my hammer wont start

Hot dog, yes. What did they do?!

I just opened it like three times because Hammer keeps crashing, I think my steam is so fucked up it doesnt want to updae

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Nevermind I have itemtest now what is this thing

By having dead links and not letting anyone use it?

Yay, still cannot fucking connect to steam…god fucking christ.

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Have also backed up GCFs as requested god of fire.

oh well I guess there’s a bright side of this: they finally released a model and texture compilator/importer… if only it wasn’t only for TF2.
Back to GUIStudioMDL :confused:

Okay, back into Steam, just cannot run any games…

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Suppose I’ll just go to bed while Valve get their shit together…

Hooray, Hammer’s not opening. Thanks Valve <3

They didn’t