Source SDK Wont Start.

I recently reformatted and reinstalled Windows 7, I had to reinstall Steam too and when I did I installed HL2 and Ep2, L4D 2 and Source SDK, for some reason when i try to launch SDK the launch box appears then dissapears and it never starts, I have googloed the problem and tried to suggested fixes which were to put -engine ep1 in the launch parameters but it did no good.

Does anybody have any suggestions? I would search the forums but searching has been disabled.

In google you can type then search item.

Try deleting the clienteegistry.blob inside of steam\ and restart.

if not try deletin your steamapps\username\sourcesdk and relaunch

Just did both of those things and neither worked

Did you launch the games first?

That has nothing to do with his problem. You can launch Source SDK after you install games without running them first.

However you cannot run Hammer or anything without running it first I think.