Source SDK

I’ve installed Source SDK, but the game select menu is empty, it doesn’t show any games. I’ve tried the solutions from the help page. I’ve tried starting up the game and then restarting SDK, I’ve tried resetting game configurations and refreshing SDK content, I’ve even checked the gameinfo.txt to see whether it was missing, but it wasn’t. None of this helped. I think the problem is I’ve got a second hard drive, on which I’ve put steam. I think SDK tries to find the gameinfo.txt in my C: drive, but steam isn’t there. Can I modify SDK to search in my D: drive?

I strongly suggest you get a mod to move the thread here

They are far more likley to help. Other than that I do not know.

If Steam is on your second harddrive it will install the SDK to that Harddrive, have you downloaded the SDK base?

Set the engine version to 2006.

The only game you have to select is CS:S.

Hit reset game configurations in the SDK. That should bring all your crap under the menus. Only the source engine crap, though.

@rimlanin: I’ve tried that, it doesnt work.

@coolcorky: I think I’ve tried that too, but I’ll try again, just to be sure. I’ll also try to make a Program Files folder in my D: drive, maybe that’s the problem. Maybe SDK just can’t find program files in C:

@rombishead: Agree, moderators, please move this to the Mapping section.

The thing about not being able to find the gameinfo.txt isn’t right, as I used to have steam installed on my external hard drive (called drive F:/), and SDK worked fine on that.

Problem somehow isn’t there anymore, I can use SDK normally. Thanks, anyway, I think?

I fixed it with my psychic powers.