Source Servers

So me and other friends have been working on the Gmod advertising site which ended up being a Source Games advertising site. We’ve been working on the project for 3 weeks now and we are about 45% finished. This is what we have till now! Expect some bugs while looking at the site.

I’m pleasantly surprised. I like where it’s going so far. I’ll post a couple of servers maybe.

– Trying to submit a server sends back this error: “Server offline or details incorrect!”

The logo is horrible

Yeah. See if you can’t incorporate anything Source-y, like the Source/Steam logo, colors, and fonts.

Why dont you use steam openid for registration and stuff like that. Much more nicer,

As a GUI Designer, the way the site is designed will look like it’ll be cluttered later on.

Hello all, I am the developer of this site. It is not meant to be seen by the public yet, only by our development team. However, thank you all for the constructive criticism. I will be making a post for this website when it is 100% complete and ready for public viewing. If a moderator could delete this thread, that would be great.

You should throw a .htaccess username/password on temporarily

How can I get my new server on there?

I definitely think this would look better with a orange FlatUI look.