Source shell shock sound

I am looking for the sound of the high pitched whine you get when something explodes near you.
Can someone tell me where it is in the gcf sound cashed Ive been looking for 3 hours.

I believe that it is not a sound, but instead an effect that is handled in the code.

It probably is because it masks all the other sounds.

I don’t know if it’s a sound file or an effect.

Because in theory what happens is you can put the sound on loop on it’s own channel, then when needed, you can turn up that channel and mute the rest.

But sometimes, if I get an explosion next to my ear in HL2DM, then killed by a second one while the first is still ringing, the ringing doesn’t stop until I reconnect.

It’s a DSP effect handled by the sound system. You can’t really adjust it or replace it.