Source Solar Nightclub WIP (From Black-ops 2)

Hello Facepunch,

Due to the interest people showed in my rather large side tracking I did a while ago, GoldPlatinum challenged me to make the Solar Nightclub from black-ops 2.

I will say first, I have never played this map so all I have to go on is the internet for the visuals of it.

I will be releasing the bsp and vmf once done!

Any suggestions/improvements/criticism is greatly accepted.

Progress updates:

Source Solar nightclub ceiling lights beta 1 - YouTube

Source Solar nightclub ceiling lights beta 2 - YouTube

Club Structure WIP:


cant wait to see more progress

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would be really nice to add public with some new dancing animations

Kinda like people doing the combine “get that thing off me” animation ?

Those are awful. Would be cool if someone could manage to make new animations with motion capture

Is this the club you are talking about, I have no access to Youtube at the moment cause I am in work.

If so, good luck!

Did some more work today, got the lights turning some more. Turned some of them off to see if it looked better, I think it does, thoughts?

This looks awesome, with some more tweaking you will manage to make it look better than the original. Also id love to help you with the interior design, but right now i dont have acces to hammer

Argh. Role on ten oclock and I get to go home!

Dying to see what this is like, sounds interesting.

Cool! You could try manipulating the other array of lights (the ones that are turned off in the video) separately, and you could even alternate between the two for awesome effects.

Maybe speed the move speed of the lights up a little bit, they are moving a bit slow :slight_smile:

I feel like those lights should be particle systems

Started some work on the clubs structure. not really that much to look at.

I have a feeling that the whole thing should be kinda bigger

Okay, I’ll increase the floor size some more.

Any progress?

Hai, I have made progress, really just making it bigger. I’m afraid this week I became extremely busy at work and didn’t feel like coming home to map. I’m hoping this weekend to do some more and post some pics.

Okay made some more progress! Well only the making it bigger part.

It’s tough getting it all to look right as lack of pictures of the surrounding room. Going to search youtube, hopefully some videos will help. Need to get the entrance right then use that as an anchor to get everything else in the right place!

Don’t detail the second floor that much, you could place flashing textures for walls and animated silhouettes of dancing people in the front. That would be pretty cool

The circular rail looks really blocky; try using the arch tool with a bigger number of sides for it (64 should do).

That is using the Arch tool, 32 sides. I agree though. I’ll be getting rid of it anyway as the lights in black ops are not actually on a rail. The piles are in the wrong place too.