Source & Swords

Been working on models and doing research into how I should approach my ideas, after a couple of weeks here I am with one of the gamemodes I will be working on. (names still up for debate).

Source & Swords

A gamemode about 2 kings going into war over some stupid reason. (didn’t think of a story yet)

There are 2 teams each with a randomly selected king at the start of each round. The player that gets selected as king will be 3 times the size and hp of normal players, move slow and deal devastating blows. To win each team must kill the others king.

The combat system would mainly be based on melee combat arts for which I would like to use a system similar to Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. The lovely people at Raven software released the source code of that game quite a while ago.

At its core its gonna be a trace based combat system.

What your sword passes through is what you hit. If 2 attacks were to collide both would get canceled resulting in a parry.

Here are 2 of the weapon models I made for the game, I will edit the post with animations ( when the rig is ready) and 3D renders of the textured props when they are finished in the mean time here are the low polys:

You might wonder why the weapons seem so thick and off proportion, its because I tried to fit Terry’s style, I asked myself the question “What could Terry make with his hands?” this is why the proportions are made to accommodate for his massive hands.

There is also one more concept I would like to add once I figure everything out:

Replacing organs and body parts, you would be able to slay different monsters and use their parts for yourself, like:
Killing a giant frog and replacing your legs with its in order to jump higher.
Replacing your skin with a dragons scales for extra endurance or taking his tongue in order to spit flames.
Taking the lungs of an other player to increase your stamina. And so on.
I feel this idea is quite intricate and needs a lot of thought put into it but it would add a lot of depth and progression to the overall system.


This looks SICK! I’d love to play this gamemode. But I don’t like the name “Source & Swords”, it just doesn’t sound catchy. Maybe something like “War Kings” or “Kings of War” or “Kings of Steel” would be better (JUST my opinion)

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kingdom legacy ?

Based on the “scenario” it could be something like the team that kill the enemy’s king win 1 point and the team that loose the “round”, change of king as a “legacy” :eyes:

beside that, really interesting work ! Do the melee mechanics is way better than in gmod 1 ? can we have more information about that ? :upside_down_face:

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I don’t have access to the game yet this is just concepts, models and how the mechanics would work. :grin:

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Yes, this looks AMAZING!

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I loved that game. I remember when I was about 10 that shipwreck in a desert level with a sand worm scared the shit out of me, took me forever to beat because I sucked at video games (still do).

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