Source to GTA4?

I’m look at taking a truck I helped make for Source and putting it into GTA4. The real hang up is having to use Zmodeler 2 which I despise. I still have it fully textured in a .max file but I see thats useless when it comes to GTA4. I’m asking you guys because the gta modding community is useless. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also it was origionaly made for Vice City and San Andreas so I have those files as well

Use Noesis and then export the model into a format that works.

What about the nodes and crap? And for some reason the textures wont properly assign themselves in Zmod

Open IV was finally updated 2 weeks ago with .WFT support. Open IV is what people have been using to export player and weapons so that you can re-import them from 3DS Max to GTA IV, and WFT is the format that GTA IV vehicles are in. ZModeler was previously the only thing that had WFT support, but hopefully the GTA IV tools will be updated soon with WFT exporting for 3DS Max. You’ll have to watch this thread for updates.

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Oh and if you want to take a look at it, although I don’t think you’ll be able to do much right now other than export the car you want to replace or whatever.

So in other words I could make it a static prop right now but not a functioning car?

Couldn’t I just use Zmod somehow? I’ve seen people have converted SA cars to GTA4 or did they completely remake them?

I don’t know, I don’t like ZModeler either.