Source units

Right so I am trying to recreate a real life structure i am currently residing in right now.
Or the house I am in right now.
I need to get the source’s unit scale to feet.
I set it to inches+feet but It’s still reading in the source units that it always has been, because 40 feet is absolutely not half of the info_player_Start
How do I get hammer to correctly display feet as opposed to source units?

i remember a way you could do it before, But i cant remember it

Try the options tab


Found it, Map/units

there ya go


quick response team go

bad reading
already tried that but it is reading in the units source uses still

Next to the block it will say a distance

ready it

that will be inches/feet

if what your saying is correct then gordon freeman is 70 feet tall.
It’s not showing the correct units I would like it to is the problem. I know how to set them and use the scale shown. I do appreciate your attempt though.

Gordon is actually freakishly tall, I remember reading somewhere that he was like 8’ tall…


Mine is correct, Says gordon is 7.5’ tall

try restarting hammer?

but 70 does not equal 7.5

Handy firefox URL bar.
You can also use google’s converter.

I tried that

Thats what mine says, Maybe mine is fucked over


That’s very useful thanks.
But still. I have it set to feet+inches. Why is it not displaying feet+inches.

Dont know…

Oh well, You have your cure now

Put numbers into google, do the math.
Google can convert measures.

I’m using the 16 units = 1 foot scale. I hope it’s accurate. I’m basing this off my house so it needs to be perfect.

Make it and see if its to large or to small, Then adjust it

According to google, 1 foot = 12 inches = 12 units. I’m not good with the imperial system, I just hope you don’t go off-scale.

but that wiki page says 1 foot = 16 units



Actually it’s coming out to be just about right.

Awesome, Good luck, I tried to map my house, Got out of hand real fast