SourceBans Integration with AssMod/gStream On Server

I need to integrate the two.
Any plugins? I do NOT want to use ULX, even though there is a plugin…

Also, I need help with GStream. I have changed many things, no matter what, it will not work with my server. Even the console command. The SV file is working clearly, its the other files. I have made a server folder, changed directories, and replaced the modified ones in the files that depend on them.

Help Please. Thank you.

Are you using the svn or 1.2 from

Ok, I just got the SVN, and now I’m getting a error when I try to play it on my server. Saying bad argument Gsub when I try to add a song to the qoue (Sorry for bad spelling!)

Qoue lol. Try updating. I fixed it last night I think