Sourcebans webhosting?

Hi, i guess in a way im looking for a webhost, prefferable AUS based.
But ive recently found that for some reason the webhost im with ( doesnt work with sourcebans at all… demanding i go with a VPS in order for it to work.
so im wondering if there are any webhosts with large bandwidth/storage plans that are able to run sourcebans propperly?
thanks, Shadow

Wow if that’s true then host papa must be one of the worst web site hosts. All Source bans needs web side is PHP 5.2 and MySQL 5.0 or above, also it really does not use a allot of bandwidth it’s queries aren’t that big.

Just make sure the host you pick supports PHP 5+ and MYSQL 5+ most should but ask the hosts online support.

There are way cheaper options then the ones I have listed below you should be able to pick up a web host for $3-5 (AUD) per month but it will be capped bandwidth.

When you say it ‘doesnt work’ - are you able to provide errors? Can you install it or is it just saying “Error connecting to server…”?

If you are getting “Error connecting to server” after installing Sourcebans and adding a server, this is because either;

  1. You haven’t set up Sourcebans correctly.
  2. You need to whitelist your game server IP with your web host (open a ticket and ask them to whitelist this).

As King Traitor said, if this is the case, they are terrible.

Alright, found a compromise with it. currently just hosting the sourcebans on my dedi server, so then i change the DNS or to the server IP.

also it wasnt really the webhosts fault, its understandable.
To query the servers, it requires the 27015 and such to be open, in which can cause open hackable areas for CPanel.
so they are fine with their decision of denying opening it.