Sourcebans with Gmod?

I have Sourcebans setup on my website

But I don’t know how to set it up on the server. Do I have to use sourcemod, considering sourcemod wasn’t created for Gmod.

You need to download sourcemod and metamod to make it work properly.
You also need to have a MySQL database.

You do not need to set up the tables, they will be automaticly created.

When you have that, go to and download the 1.4.8 plugin.
Install it in the sourcemod folder (sourcemod/plugins)…

When you are done with that, edit the ‘mysql.cfg’ file located in the sourcemod config folder.
Put in your SQL database information, if you do not have a database. Then you should order one. There is also some good free alternatives for that.

Edit the web-control panel to match with the sql information you set up in the mysql.cfg file, and then restart your server.

You should also edit owner.cfg…

use sm_addban or sm_ban in console to ban someone and to make it add the ban to your webpanel.

Good luck!

what now with gmod 13? i got ULX, and the ULX sourceban addon, but it cant connect from webpanel to server, and mysql is both right, i want it in my server, just like urbangamers ;-;

Use global bans it’s better. Global ban thread Use only sourcemod if you are a wide community that has server on many source games and if you don’t have that use Global bans it offers the same thing that sourcemod except it is only for gmod.