We have quite a few servers that vary across the gametypes but we focus mainly on garrys mod.

We’ve been having a problem ever since the latest update/downgrade that has made it so whenever a banned person joins it crashes all the clients on the server. And this is for any banned person whatsoever, is anyone else having this issue.

For those who want to suggest a different admin module save your breath we aren’t looking for any new, we are looking for a work around for this so it stops crashing our clients.

What admin module are you using?

We use ulx as a backup BUT

Our main as put in the post above, is SourceMod, and our banning function is through sql sourcebans.

I used source mods a long time ago and that issue was there with gmod. When I asked about it on their forum they basically told me they don’t give a damn about it crashing in this mod and if we want it fixed the mod team has to do it.

Or some BS like that.

It isn’t a problem with source mod I don’t think. I’m having the same problem. I’m using ULX and evolvemod.
It might just be a problem with the new engines VAC. Try disabling VAC, I’ll do the same, we’ll see what happens.

However, it may not be BANNED people, seeing as I’m VAC banned and I can join my own server just fine, also, this is what is coming up in my server console.

Yup dark, they blamed garrys mod for it, BUT my main problem is literally before the latest downgrade we had it working wonderfully, just used sourcebans, NOW well now it crashes all the clients if a banned user tries to join.

And Car it doesn’t even say that stuff, doesn’t write a condump or anything of the sort, no crash files or the like.

It’s not a problem with vac or else it would affect the other servers the exact same way, but it only affects our gmod.

Starting to see this happen on my server now as well; however it happens with multiple different messages that occur on the server:

  • SourceBans message (“You have been banned by this server, please check <web_addr> for more info”)
  • Timeout SteamID In Use (“The SteamID <id_here> is already in use on this server.”)
  • Double connecting (“PlayerA has joined the server.” then “(1)PlayerA has joined the server.”)

All of which lead to every client crashing, fairly annoying as this wasn’t happening until today all of a sudden… nothing has changed on the server either since the last update to GMod other then fixing animations and such; trying to debug the issue atm will post if I find anymore info.

Limit the string lengths for kick reasons. You could do this by installing gm_slog or writing your own module to do so.

Yeah just figured this out through debugging and trial and error on a private server with a friend. I’ve altered the plugin to simply say the user is banned rather then explain the ban and show a website for now. I’ve reported the issue to SourceBans as well so hopefully a fixed version will be fully released.

gm_slog uses Detours which I’m not interested in using in the event Vac ever actually works with GMod.

You can use vacbanned with sourcemod, works in pretty much the same way as Vac. >_> Dude I’ve reported to sourcebans and they blame sourcemod and garrysmod, they really don’t give a crap at all.

And I’m going to look like an idiot buuuuut, what is gm_slog?

Just edit the source yourself, there are 3 lines to edit if you want to do it easily and just remove the long message all together. Open sourcebans.sp look for ‘KickClient’, change all 3 to:

KickClient( client, "Some small reason." );

Recompile and move new sourcebans.smx to your plugins folder, reload server or refresh the plugin:
sm plugins unload sourcebans
sm plugins load sourcebans

Your server getting VAC banned will not pose a major problem.

gm_slog looked more like a client sided plugin from the few posts I saw about it; didn’t look at the actual source of it; which is why I mentioned VAC.

Looked at the source just now and noticed it is for servers rather then clients. I’m not going to bother running it though now that I have this fixed but if the problem arises again I’ll take a look into slog.

Actually what’s weird is we tried on two of our servers doing a complete fresh install of all files in sourcemod, including plugins, and we haven’t had a problem with it in them yet running onto 18 hours now. >_>BUUUUUUT I don’t know if that’ll stay that way, and it does not fix the sm_ban problem of crashing clients either.

Editing the KickClient message will fix both crashes that happen due to SourceBans. I can freely ban anyone, or have my auto-ban system ban without issue now after adjusting it. Your message length may have been altered after reinstalling perhaps by a new url or a slight different in the url length which is displayed when a user is kicked.

You could also check out slog like FlapJack mentioned and see if that helps.