SourceEyeCalc - One step up form a piece of paper!

Hey guys, I wrote up a painfully simple C# thing to do the source eye/eyelid conversions for a .qc file instead of using qceyes or by hand on a calculator. Nothing is super automated except it’ll give you the proper code to copy/paste into the qc if you enter the fields, and gives you a little more control to tweak things.

Also all of the fields have a tooltip that explain the usage, plus you get A++ graphic representations on the tool itself!

imo, you could do this and more in qceyes, but it was good gui coding practice for me and I though that someone else might like it/use it.

Thank you so much, this makes things a hell of a lot easier! Have all my winner-ratings!

Perfect :slight_smile:

Very useful! 10/10