SourceForts 2 - LF Level Designer

[h2]The position has been filled, you can check for updates here:[/h2]

So SourceForts isn’t exactly a mod anymore, but there’s no other recruiting section here as far as I can tell, so I hope this is okay to post. It’s been a long time coming, but development of SourceForts 2 is finally underway.
In case you’ve never heard of SourceForts, you can see the Wikipedia’s article, and trailers for the previous versions here and here. It was originally released as a free mod and enjoyed a fair bit of success (150k downloads, couple Game of the Year awards, first (or second) mod to be featured on Steam, featured in PC Zone and on GigaTV), and now we’re working on SourceForts 2 as an indie game.

SourceForts 2 is being created from the ground up and will bring classic SF1.9.X gameplay as well as new game modes, characters, weapons and more (including an official league and stats tracking). SF2 is set in the slightly-distant future, on an Earth inhabited only by large killing machines once designed to aid humans. Oh and weapons - lots and lots of weapons. There is no strict setting for the game, but instead a general theme of “nature reclaiming society” - we hope this will give our level designers the freedom to experiment with varying styles of environments and architecture.

We’re currently looking for a dedicated level designer to join our team. You’ll be joining a well rounded team that is fully capable of supporting a talented level designer, and is currently comprised of:
-2 Programmers
-1 Concept Artist/Character Modeler & Animator
-2 Prop & Texture Artists
-1 Level Designer (currently working on redesigns of SF1.9.x maps)
-1 Sound Engineer
-1 Producer/Web Developer/Programmer

Ideal candidates will be able to commit regular hours to the project and have a developed workflow for creating a level. We don’t mean to sound harsh, but we need to make it clear that this is a serious project that requires a serious commitment.
If you’re interested and would like to talk more, feel free to add me on Steam (azgag) or PM me and I’ll tell you more about the project. We do ask that you include a link to your portfolio and/or examples of your recent work.

Thanks for reading - we hope to hear from some of you soon.

Ninja Edit: In case the title of the game didn’t make it clear, SF2 is being developed in the Source engine, and thus a high level of understanding of Hammer is required.

Which version of the Source engine is utilised?

Think its 2009


for now SSDKB 2007, if we get a license, we’re porting everything to a newer version for sure. We plan on sending a prototype build to Valve by September 1st.

the position has been filled. Thanks to everyone that has contacted us.