I’m excited to announce that I am recreating the old Half-Life 2 mod, SourceForts, in Garry’s Mod! This is by far my favorite Half-Life 2 mod as it is tons of fun and my friends and I have played this for hours on end. Unfortunately it died a long time ago and while it is still playable, it has been forgotten. I figured that perhaps I could revive it by making it on GMod.

If you’ve never heard of SourceForts or forgot how awesome it was then look at this stuff:

SourceForts Mod DB Website

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

This is a recreation of the SourceForts mod in Garry’s Mod. It is intended to be like the mod as much as possible. No new HUD, GUI, or gameplay changes; just straight up SourceForts. This gamemode will only be playable on SourceForts maps. All the content for this gamemode will be on the workshop.





Other Downloads

Also see here for mapcycle. (sf_tactical is very broken, don’t use it for now)
And these are the convars you can use. (I only added some of the block convars and everything above that)

Please give feedback! I will be available to fix any bugs or add any missing features so please let me know! Send an email to or PM me!


Looks really nice, keep up the good work!

I’d gladly host a server with this gamemode.

So what will it be called? G-Forts? Source Forts 2? Or just take the mod’s name?

Most likely just SourceForts or maybe something like SourceForts: Recoded. I want people to know this is just like the original game.

It should be SourceForts REDUX

Will the game mode be released for the public?

Hopefully not, so we won’t see all these popping up :).

On topic:
Looks nice, any server release date OP?

Would defiantly be an interesting gamemode. I will surely host it when its released.

SourceForts G might be a good enough descriptor.

Ah the memories, I’m surprised nobody has done this sooner to be honest.

I think something similar already exists, but it’s just not the same.

Of course something similar existed, can’t remember the name tho

It was a fretta gamemode, called CaptureTheFlag.

That’s not nearly the same (except you can also build a base just like in SourceForts, but it doesn’t look like that from a quick look at the code.) I think what I meant was called FortWars or something similar.



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ahh i remember darklandservers

I was working on a Sourceforts gamemode not so long ago, I just got busy with a other project. Also, some other person I think was working on one. Anyways it’s been done before, just not many people know about them.

Updated op with pictures. Will be doing a beta in the next few days.

I’m hoping this isn’t a private gamemode, although I’ve been wanting to see this for a long time.