You might remember the last thread I made in this section by the name of Scriptspawn which was essentially another marketplace. Since it’s release, it has received lots of feedback which has inspired or influenced other marketplaces. However, Scriptspawn did not exploit it’s fullest potential, though the concept was still admired by many. So today I present to you an absolute remake of it- everyone’s feedback has been taken into consideration and the result is a much stronger, secure and advanced marketplace that this community has never seen before: Sourcemod Market.

Boy, that was painful to read- but it’s okay, we’ve got the easy lists right over here:

So what’s good for…


• Submitting a script is free.
• Absolutely fair and balanced commission system which you can read up on.
• Advanced statistics which visually displays your profit, number of sales, number of issues with your scripts, number of downloads and much more in detail.
• Dashboard that displays all the information you need as well as your commission percentage.
• Simple notifications for your scripts.
• You can sell free scripts.
• View the status of your scripts.
• Better version system: each version of your script can be saved for re-download for you and your customers.
• Create DLCs for your scripts.
• Create script packs.
• Multiple games to create scripts for.
• SourceGuard: we feel it would be wrong not to offer developers a system to monitor which servers are running their scripts, which is why we have SourceGuard for everyone to use! You can read up on it here:


• Clean and simple UI
• Easily report users and scripts.
• Easy personal messaging system.
• Request script support by opening tickets.
• Easily review scripts.
• Download previous versions of scripts.
• Informative reputation system.
• Discuss on people’s scripts.
• Real-time notification system.
• Multiple games to buy/download scripts from.
• Discuss on the forum.
• Incredibly advanced and simple search/filter system.
•* Super-duper job system in beta.*
• An active, dedicated and passionate staff to assist you.

Isn’t that :neat: ?

Sourcemod Market is developed by veteran modders in the Garry’s Mod and Counter-Strike scene, which means we know what developers need and want, so here’s the result. If you have any questions or feedback do not hesitate to post them right here.


is it still wordpress

Haha, not one bit.

Your site feels so cluttered.

How does one sell something that is free?

Just set the price to 0 :v:

“call now for your free gift”

no i want to pay for my gift

I don’t have the problem with what is essentially ScriptFodder for SourceMods. What I do have a problem is when you try to make yourself out to be much bigger than you are.

Something I dislike very much about people with the mindset of a “future entrepreneur” is that they get ahead of themselves and say silly things like “Steam is an official partner of our business”:

Really? Laravel’s supporting this too? How strange. Could it be that you’re lying?

still waiting on that jamiefodder

I see you still have Minecraft listed, fyi it’s illegal to sell Minecraft mods.

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Also you need to handle VAT if you wanna sell to EU users.

Doesn’t Steam explicitly state not to list them as a partner if you’re using the API? Typically you have to have some sort of business agreement.

Minecraft mods can only be free here (we’re aware of the EULA)- but either way we’ll remove it since we want to remain within the Source engine.

  1. Limited Relationship. You and Valve are independent contractors, and nothing in these API Terms of Use shall be construed as creating an employer-employee relationship, a partnership, or a joint venture. While you may publicly refer to the fact that you have implemented the Steam Web API, you agree not make any other public statements that assert or imply any other relationship with Valve, unless you have Valve’s prior written approval.

Click here for more information

It’s a lot like how using Charmin brand toilet paper doesn’t mean you or your ass is in a business relationship with Charmin as a company. You’re a consumer and user of Steam, not a business affiliate.

We’ll fix those up.

Same with Laravel I believe.

Warranty Disclaimer

We have no special relationship with or fiduciary duty to you. You acknowledge that we have no duty to take any action regarding: which Subscribers gain access to the Services; what Content you access via the Services; or how you may interpret or use the Content.

You release us from all liability for you having acquired or not acquired Content through the Services. We make no representations concerning any Content contained in or accessed through the Services, and we will not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, copyright compliance, or legality of material or Content contained in or accessed through the Services.

Click here for more information

Who are you trying to convince, you or me?

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Why are those features in quotes?

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There’s a lot of baseless claims trying to convince me this site is best but it seems like a ScriptFodder competitor that’s trying to blast me with a list of features (and leave me on a cliffhanger by saying ‘and many more!’) in hopes I’ll use you over them?

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And every time I try to click on the first job on the jobs page the navigation expands for whatever section I’m next to and I can’t click on anything.

I’m sure he’ll be fine avoiding it for 2 years, you can even vouch!

You can use what you want, we’re just here to present our work! But keep in mind I never mentioned ScriptFodder in the original post - and I’d appreciate if the discussion doesn’t turn into a ScriptFodder thread :wink:

As for that navbar issue, we’ll look into that. Should be an easy fix. As for now, just refresh your page- that should do the trick.