Source's Capabilities (NPC/Monster/Moving objects)

Is the Source Engine, or… Garry’s Mod, capable of handling a Creature/Monster/NPC/Moving object “Heavy Mobile Assault Platform” or not? Here are the specs:

The basic area of the one I have in mind, a super-massive one, is 6144 square feet, or 1310720 square source-units, the size of the total area it would take up in Hammer, from top-down view, is 1280x1024.
It has a main gun, an anti-air gun, several guns that inhabitants can shoot at anything they want to.
There are several rooms inside of it's bounds, rooms with soldiers in it, and possibly a player.
The power for it comes from several "Combine's Ball" generators that move with the giant machine.
It has three giant legs that could squish the player into a pancake.
Some sections, like the cockpit, are divided by Combine Shield Walls, which can be disabled.
It moves... within an unbelievably large level.
Its legs can be disabled, and when all three are disabled it will collapse to the ground so the player can jump in.

The most important piece of info is that characters/people can walk inside of it without getting stuck to the walls. Is it possible to make something like that, something that moves?

Edit: based on the conversation below, I am being led to believe it is possible, but just extremely difficult.
And, yes, this is for GMod, not for a Source Mod. With enough effort, I’m certain it could be done in a Source Code Mod.

Oh yeah, and also, is there a better way to tag a list?

You could try making it in gmod with the gravity hull script and props. Gravity hull would be good so you don’t slide around in the thing.

Alright, thanks. The problem I foresee is the thing rotating when the player is touching a wall, and the player getting stuck in the wall because of it. That, and having the Combine Ball Generators… I have no idea how I would do that!

You could probably adapt a current toolgun thing like the turret to do it for you.

I’m sorry, that confused me. Could you please explain in more detail?

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I’m guessing, twisting the code the toolgun uses to place a turret on a prop or object in the effort of doing the same thing for Combine Balls? Then I need a way to release them when the gravity gun grabs them. Also, if they are moving ball generators (where the ball moves along a plasma-looking beam), that might not work. I’m no expert, so please explain your perspective.

The last time I looked at the toolgun turret code, all it did was weld the turret on when you try to put it on something. A weld would just look awkward, considering stability issues (think of when you are on a server standing on a prop welded to just one other prop, it wobbles)

I have little experience coding serverside stuff, so you’re on your own there. I was saying look at the turret code and see how it fires bullets. Somewhere in there I bet you could make it fire combine balls. You could also look at people’s sweps that do it. That’s the best I really can do for you.

I have already made a swep that fires combine balls, but it doesn’t compare to bullets at all. Firebullets is its own function, but to fire a combine ball you need to create an entity with several different special settings if you want it to look right. There is, however, a BIG difference between Firing a combine ball, and having it bounce between two locations, or stay stationary until picked up or punted. Thank you for the suggestions!

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I’m not sure what I would want, I think stationary combine balls would be the key one, like the ones in Episode One that you had to power on to create Shield Bridges. For the legs, I would probably make it so you have to knock a combine ball out of a generator, where it continuously bounces back and forth, the generator being parented to the leg, of course. That means I need a way to handle any situation regarding Combine Balls.
Well, I also need a way to make sure they stay believably locked to their positions until interacted with by the Gravity Gun, or the Physics Gun.
Sorry if I’m talking too much, saying too much, or if I sound mean, but if you’re gonna try and help me with this I want to explain the things I would have to be able to do.

Hey, I’m sorry if this bumps, but would such a machine lag the engine?

It’s not only super-massive, but it also has a crew of several Combine soldiers, multiple dark energy generators, weapons that can turn and aim different directions… how bad would that lag?

Would it depend on how complex the code is, as well as how many models it uses, I guess… this is all server lag. Client FPS lag is a little bit more manageable, so long as I hide the occupant models if they are not visible to the LocalPlayer().

I was suggesting you do it with wiremod and E2 and use some lua addons to make the niche functions you want. Coding the whole thing with lua might be a little… challenging.

This not only would be more likely impossible, but sounds pretty boring tbh.

And whatever this SashtaWolf guy is saying doesn’t make sense, don’t listen to him.

Yes, I know it would be quite the challenge, if its even possible. Making it with Wire Mod is easy, too easy, and I’m done with Wire Mod.

Boring? Why? It would be no more boring than destroying a Scarab in Halo Reach… this things just like… 11 times bigger! It would be a minigame trying to deactivate and destroy the thing.

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But, uh… it’s 1:27 AM here, so I’m too tired to think about it right now. (Eastern Time Zone)
If it IS possible with wire, then it can be done with clever scripting. There would probably be way more than one entity, even excluding the Combine [SP]Testes… I mean,[/SP] balls…

I was suggesting he use gravity hull + props to make his mech. He wants to put people inside it, so gravity hull would prevent them all from moving around. As for the turret thing, I thought he wanted to shoot combine balls. No need to call me dumb ;_;

(I probably should have read his little list of things, but text is hard to read + I was tired when I was reading it, so turned away).

If you wanna go ahead and model a enormous robot, animate it to smoothly transition while walking (create a skelton, and probably do a lot of code to manipulate the animations manually with AI), and then somehow make it so that players can /walk/ around on a moving entity’s collision mesh without bouncing about (as in add localized physics to that object, something that has never been done before flawlessly), then maybe I would say it’s possible.

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the gravity hull gets extremely messed up when entities are exiting and entering with velocity and from arbitrary points, it would simply be too hard to play.

No. Just, no. The Main gun would probably use some sort of pulse energy. The Anti-Air gun would look and act a lot like the Strider’s Immolation attack, the one that blows things up and makes holes in walls. I would like to be able to place this behemoth as a creature, NPC/Monster, in a map. so it would have to be scripted in Lua.

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Text is hard to read? How was grade school? I’m tired, and on sleeping medicine right now, so don’t use that as an excuse!

Spencer is right, you have a lot of work ahead of you. It sounds like a really neat idea, but you’re kinda on your own here.


Uhm, if text is hard to read… how did he pass grade school? You know, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th grade… and he used the excuse below:

“I was tired when I was reading it” is what I perceive as him using his tiredness as an excuse. I wrote that message when I was tired myself, and on a natural sleeping sedative.

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Perhaps I was wrong, since you couldn’t understand what I said?

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Well, as I said earlier, it would be comparable to the Scarab in Halo 3 and other Halo games where you have to defeat scarabs. Its main gun would be very powerful, and it would target you. The side guns that the inhabitants use would also make things tough for you. I could twist the goal from destroying it to hijacking it, using its gun to clear a barricade between you and your goal.

My suggestion to you would be to start with something simple. Look up lua tutorials and code a few simple entities until you have an idea of how much work you’d have to do. Once you do that then, and only then, should you even consider something of this magnitude purely in lua.

My suggestion would be to create a few seperate ‘parts’ for your mech using lua entities (such as a cannon that aims at the player and tries to shoot them) and then build the rest of the bot out of props.

However like Spencer said, this actually seems like a pretty boring idea considering the amount of work you’d have to do. You could try it out just to see the limitations of what you can do, but I’m pretty sure you’re not going to be able to finish it, at least on a first attempt.

Remember, you can’t just ‘will something into life’ in code by describing what you want to happen and just having it appear, it takes a lot of effort, intelligence and time to create any idea, especially one as ambitious as this one.

Dude, I have a past of simple items. I’ve never released anything, and I’ve gone through three computers (for unrelated reasons) so I don’t still have any of those things, but I’m not repeating the simple crap again! I know I can’t just “will something to life,” I’ve already drawn plans for a model and started making it. Please, don’t act like I’m an ignorant know-nothing trying to create legends.

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Just because this is a new account, don’t you dare believe I haven’t been here before. I have a lot of past experience. Your comment deeply offends me. I’m more concerned that I won’t complete it anyway, since I have a very short attention span, and I tend not to be able to dedicate myself to the same thing long enough to complete it. Thanks for your concern, but it seems a little out-of-place to me, just a little.

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Why does it sound so boring? Because you can do so much with wire mod, that you’ve been desensitized or something like that? … if I did make this, I could use it in an idea or two that I’ve had; I can use it for a story where you play for the Combine, on your side; I could use it as an obstacle, or a key, in a story line where you play for the Resistance. Both of those instances give me a lot of options, or methods to use. Also, I’m not sure that I have explained in a lot of detail, and I don’t wish to.