SourceSDK broke

Hi, i refreshed the SourceSDK content and if i ran the CS:S setting’s i constantly got the Critical Error wireframe material missing.

I reset the game configuration’s and now SourceSDK is broken

Source Engine 2006
      Half Life 2 : Deathmatch
Source Engine 2007
      Half life 2 Episode 2
Source Engine 2009
      Team Fortress

No counter strike setting, what should i do, do you have the same problem?

it kinda work’s but some materials are still missing
what happened? why did this disappear?

Valve updated the game to source engine 2009 for the mac players.

With a more recent SDK update, just pressing Reset Game Configurations sets EP2 to 2009.

And… Now I can’t make a mod because of them. Even more reasons to hate Macs. :v: