SourceSDK, were are my textures :(

Hammer SDK Has no tool textures, like nodraw, clip, etc. Earlier i got rid of the FDG’s, ive now got base.fdg, hl2.fdg, css.fdg. Why have i got none of these textures, and how do i get them back, thanks!

Would removing & reinstalling Hammer SDK get them back? That’s what I would do in that instance, or ask a bud to pack them up and send them over.

Is there anything in your materials folder or any .vpks?

Yes, but i use hammer from CSS, and at the bottom it always says “andromeda/antlers/antlers” and nothing else

Are you launching hammer from the /bin/ folder? If so, try verifying integrity of game cache for css.

i have and its still not working.

Ok, then try removing the entire common/Counter-Strike Source/bin/ as well as gameinfo.txt in css folder and verify again. If that doesn’t work then remove the entire Counter strike folder and reinstall. It should fix it. Don’t forget to back up your custom content if you have any.

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Are you SURE you are launching hammer from /Counter-Strike Source/bin/hammer.bat?

It now freezes when searching “nod”, im not purposely typing nod, i type nodraw and it freezes, then lags then displays black empty windows.

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Ok, after reinstalling hammer, the issue persists but, i just discovered i can see the nodraw texture on models?

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Any fixes or ideas?

You’re using keywords not filters.

Ditch the text in the “keywords” and use “filters” instead.

Still nothing.

It works… This editor is so broken but thanks xD