SourceSDK with Maya 2011

I want to set up sourcesdk to run with maya2011 (i want to import vmf to maya like i can do in xsi) but the last plugin is for 2009.

I asked in Steam forums and anyone answered me :º

Any idea?

the pluggins don’t even work. You’d be better off with blender or 3dsmax because they export/import decent smds.

Edit: I just realized you’re talking about .vmf’s, they might work with a correct version of maya, but blender and 3dsmax just work better.

Yeah but they are payware and because its for a payware project i must have the program legaly and i have maya 2011 license legaly (student edition).
Also i’m familiaryzed with maya :\

Then export an obj from maya, and use obj2smd.exe or blender to import the obj and export a smd.