somehow my server crashes every time when i want to record a demo with tv_record.

what i have tried:
a fresh server install on linux and windows like it is described in the wiki. with and without the beta dev branch.
on linux, i get a segmentation fault when i start the recording with tv_record or direct after the map load when i enabled tv_autorecord.
under windows it also crashes in the same circumstances, so i think it is the same problem.
a small .dem file is created before the crash (100-300kB) but it is not playable.

is this a general problem or am i missing something?

You shouldn’t enable tv_autorecord.

And as far as I known, SourceTV is broken in Gmod from a long times ago.

oh, ok, tv_record causes the same issues.

it seems that i have to live without this feture then.
thanks for your help