South African PMCs in cover

Based off Rhodesian/South African PMC units of the '70s and '80s, the picture was sort of meant to be in Somalia or some other extremely unstable African country. C&C as usual.

Bonus image that I made on construct to show a friend.

I like you
gun guy

M16 and bolt action rifle on the same picture? :3

Well, when in south africa always use a bolt action rifle(It would be better if the rifle was an m1903).

Sure, but the SANDF use its own assaut rifles.

Crap, I failed to read “PMC” in the title ^^’

yea i think gun guy is a pretty cool guy too. he kills alot of aliens and dosent afraid of anything…(if anyone knows where thats from)

When do south africans use Kar98s?

Hey guys, let’s all complain about the usage of gun instead of comment on the quality of the picture!

Very nice work, Gun Guy.

looks pretty nice, good job although it could use some editing such as shading

The fact that the models have modern load bearing and tactical gear makes it contrast sharply with the old era weapons. Well, the Karabiner 98k atleast.

The posing is really good, but the on the right should be abit more spaced from that wall; Hugging cover is a really stupid thing to do. The lighting is too strong, and the map isn’t really anything noteworthy.


Common sense is something that’s sadly overlooked too often in poses. You wouldn’t see a cowboy using a modern day tactical AR-15 with a mounted EOtech and foregrip, would you?


Don’t look very South African-y.

South African military contracted personnel, not natives.