South African Rust Server

Good Evening

I Am A Representative Of Afrihost That Is Wanting To Know If It Is Possible To Obtain A License For Hosting A RUST Server In South Africa.

I Have Noticed That There Are Multiple South African Server’s Up And Running At This Current Moment But They Are All Experiencing Over 200 Latency On The Server Is There A Possibility That I May Get A License To Host RUST On One Of Our Dedicated Servers At Afrihost I Shall Give You Out Server Spec’s If You Require To See Them And I Fully Understand That You Are Not Giving Out Any License’s Anymore But We Are Asking That You May Make An Exception Due To The Fact Of The High Latency Problem On The Current South African RUST Server’s.

Kind Regards
Games master At Afrihost

I think this is a great idea. I’m South African living in the uk but know of many friends there that have serious problems playing on international servers. I think that at least every country should have 1 if not 2 hosters that hold a license. I hope you get a good result from this.

Thank You Very Much MulishaCircus