South Park - Mountain

Trying to port South Park Rally’s Mountain level to Source, it has a lot of “fun” geometry that doesnt’ align with the rotation of the grid.

Any ideas on how you’d all go about replicating brush geometry like this?

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You’d be better off breaking the map up into chunks and doing collision in 3ds max or whatever software you use.

I would, but the model has broken UV maps, which is a nightmare on map models.

I did think a little about cloning the prop_static and rotating it to make matching less of a nightmare though.

That’s what I did for North Yankton, just edit pitch/yaw/roll manually until you find the decimal that lines up (more or less) with the grid.

Attempted that, worked well at the start, but South Park Rally has some sharp turns that don’t work too well with 03C0’s method, specifically coming apart at the “duplicate sections of the road” part.