Soviet Afghan troops

Could anybody make some soviet soldiers in Afghanistan?
They can just be a simple reskin of the WiC Soviets if anything.

It seems fairly simple enough to reskin.

These models would probably work best.

edit: if anything ill -try- do it myself.

I’ll try, so basically you want them to have beige camo?

Sorry for the incredibly late reply, but basically yes. A greenish biege that fits pretty much the first and last pictures

I tried to make my own but they are utterly and incredibly shit


edit: fuck those are bloody terrible

I think it looks pretty cool, actually.

Im extremely inexperienced with skinning though, so if a more experienced person were to do it, like the-dutch-guy, for example, would of course do alot better than me.

I totally forgot about this, sorry man. I’m in a text week at the moment so I’ll do it when the time comes up.

Yeah its no problem.
I’d just like to see it done, but it doesn’t have to be done instantly, it’s not urgent.


Bumping again

To be honest the only problem I can see with the ones you made for yourself are the textures. I don’t know how to texture myself, but I’ll look around for resources you can use to make them look better.