Soviet army repels the german offensive.

Thanks to muffin_top for the song.

damn. thats sick

Colors are delicious.

Is that snow falling?

Yes, yes it is. Crappy ass source snow (particle tool). I forgot to mention everything’s ingame apart from black bars and slightly blueish filter.


That tiger look like shit but otherwise everything is good.

Can’t really say what’s going on there but it looks cinematic
Lovin it,just like the previous one

Huh, never thought about combining toytown with SDoF. It makes for a cool effect.

It’s weird how the snow is the sharpest and most in-focus element of the picture. My eye is really distractingly drawn to it.

I think that’s cool though

Excellent fucking picture man

long whistle man thats good

Looks cool frenchie!

please make a picture to go along with this song.

why does no one like black and white films?

pink fire is not a good thing