Soviet Commissar rallies his troops to cross the steppe.

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Look for the photo that may have inspired this


cc doubleplusgood thank

Pretty awesome, sir.

Very nice. I like how a little bit of bloom was used.


Do you have a larger resolution one? I would like to make it my background.

Posing on the guy with the pistol in the middle looks slightly off.

Isn’t it already 1600 x 1050?

Russians got raped in the steppes

Shh, let them live their moment.

Nice picture but I always picture Commissars to wear those coats.

1920x1080 :smiley:

If you can’t get it that big I will wait till I get my old screen back.

Where’s my cookie?

Anyway very well done.

haha these models are atrocious

Oooh, I like! Nice job :smiley:

The hands always clip at the sleeves and the shoulders get broken. :v: and you can’t even facepose them.

no i mean they are low-res low-poly pieces of garbage and whoever even bothered to create them just wasted a ton of time/effort for nothing of value


i mean look at those helmets. they look like they came from day of defeat 1.5 if 1.5 had russians


nobody even bothered to throw decent (or any) bumpmaps on, or even phong. what are you thinking!!! I can think of at least six things to make these models appear less crappy and would take less than an hour of effort to do.

but that’s too much effort to save these.

There from world at war :V

they look more like they came from men of war

FOR TEH MUTHERLAND :D,nice screenshot,the background looks good and the posing looks excellent but those models…i can haz?

actually i take that back; even men of war looks better than this.