Soviet RPG-team investigating a recent American crash site

I’ve made an alternative version and couldn’t decide which one I prefered…



i love it.

Got an original for comparison?

Great blur and realistic lighting. Lovely work as usual. Very atmospheric.

wow man, coolio


pMnky should get a prize :o
this is very well made. I wish I could edit image like that, just doesn’t have the right programs for it :frowning:

I’m not gonna say it’s awesome.

Because he already knows that <3

the arm in the tree is a really nice touch, well done


army observation skills mother fuckers

They’re like ‘‘Hey comrade…THAT is a helicopter!’’ And the other is like ‘‘Hmm…that is one sexy dead pilot…’’

I love 'dis!

  • Noticed the arm too :confused: (without reading rossmum’s post)

i also see another disembodied limb under one of the huey’s seats.

Lovely work.

Cookie if you can spot ALL the bodies. Hint: there are 4 bodies.

Damn, thats artistic work.

does that include the pilot?

Fucking awesome.

We have a winner! :wink:

*The “dark” grass (it’s a custom texture I’ve actually made and which is in fact lighter than the original) is from THIS PACK.

*HERE IS the light grass.

*The broken tree comes from the above pack, but I can’t remember where the ones in the back come from.

*The chopper is from THIS ONE.

It’s absolutely beautiful.