Soviet Union 93th Bolshevik revolution victory parade (Alternative history)

(Please, excuse the error messages, dumbass errors)

The parade opens up with soldiers marching past by the Lenin-Mausoleum

Soldiers march by tanks.

A shot of a soviet badge on a soldiers uniform.

A shot of a soviet flag

Soldiers march by a tank, as a soviet flag flys

Soviet soldiers march to the point to rally.

(Tell me, how you like it :smug:)

aand on this is really bad.


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Well, thank you for rating, but could you tell me on how i can improve it? like for example, graphics-wise or what?

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Well, thank you for rating, but could you tell me on how i can improve it? like for example, graphics-wise or what?

How about turning on AA, and wasn’t walking in one pace with the entire group sort of the point of a march? I see lots of the soldiers walking out of sync.

Okay, that is a problem on the maps coding, pretty much.

Also, what error messages?

You should be able to see them in the screenshots.

Turn up your graphics, never use that awful map and never ever use NPC’s or playermodels, only use ragdolls you’ve posed yourself.

Why are there Shermans?

Came with the maps code.

meh. really great hacked dods models

i dunno, could it be that a) at the time of the map’s creation that was all that was available, and b) the soviets used shermans, stuarts, matildas, and just about every other early-war american and british tank under the sun because of lend-lease? just throwing it out there

Not in the Victory ‘‘parade’’

true, but they did certainly use them to fuck germany’s shit up, which most people fail to realise

Actualy the Sherman was known by the Germans as the “Tommy-Cooker” for a reason. Shermans wern’t the best tanks the only thing they had going for them was the ability to be mass produced. I’ve read the kill death ratio of a Sherman to a Pz Kw IV Ausf H or a Tiger was something like 6 Shermans were destroyed to every 1 German tank destroyed. The T-34’s and IS-2’s were what won the war for the Soviet Army.

I was expecting some awesome Revolution picture with Valdimir Lenin and mass hordes of cheering Bolsheviks. I was duly disappointed.

hey guess what

they fact they were mass produced allowed the soviets to fuck Tigers up the ass by sending 4+ shermans up against one

Meh, four 75mm guns hitting the front armour of a Tiger is just as shit as one - tanks don’t have health bars in real-life.

That said, it’s obviously harder for a single Tiger gunner to track and destroy 4 targets flanking him at the same time.

None of this is actually posed. It’s all part of the map. You press a button and all these NPCs march. All he did was take pictures of it

i’m so glad you were here to tell me something i already know. too bad the production ratio of shermans to any given german tank was far in excess of the loss ratio, so the fact that what was essentially an infantry support tank was being put up against full-blown main and heavy battle tanks counted for nothing in the end. of course the red army had more effect with their own tanks, but they used shermans throughout the war in conjunction with tank-riding assault infantry. from what i recall they had a few units comprised entirely of lend-lease tanks.

by the way, after the initial shock and scramble to respond by the germans, the t-34 didn’t enjoy very much technical supremacy anymore. by 1943 they were fitting serious firepower to all of their medium and heavy tanks, so the t-34’s only real advantage was its numbers, like the sherman. not much can argue with a kwk42 l/70 or kwk43 l/71 and win.