Soviet war in Afghanistan | 12/27/1979 – 02/15/1989 | Withdrawal of soviet forces

Auch, mein eyes. It is very nice.


The way the reloading guy is looking at his gun looks hella weird.

i was just watching 9 rota


god dammit i was going to do an afghan picture later today.

this rules, you rule, 9 rota rules

protip though: gm_bajarama is pretty much the map to use for desert stuff

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few things though:

those pods on the hind’s wings are s-80 rocket pods, the gun is a 12.7mm chain gun under the nose
they should be using ak-74s rather than 47s
phong on weapons and yellow hue are a bit overdone
skin is camo used in europe, but what can you do

still the fact you did a picture for the soviet-afghan war at all elevates you to god tier poster in my books

people using rocket pods as miniguns


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and what brossmum said, but over all, damn good job

replace bullet impacts w/ ffar booms

I should make a desert soviet skin.
the pic looks nice.

I know the model isn’t but…


it is the PARTY TIMES.


The background looks hella sexy but something about the foreground just ain’t right. Could’ve tried giving it a slightly different shade.

It looks like Bad Company 2