Soviets Killing advancing zombies

Date: 1965
Place: Rural Area outside of Stalingrad
Event: Local Arising of capitalist reactionary’s

Filter rape anybody?

What do you mean by that?

You abused the Ingame sharpening tool, your posing really needs improving and also you need to play with the camera to prevent the fisheye effect.

Way too sharp, and lack of fingerposing.
Position the pistol a little higher.

sharpen rape
bad posing
horrible angles
my eyes are bleeding


Soviet Guy:
“No! We can’t! We’re from two different worlds!”

“But… I love you…”

Soviet Guy:
“Oh, shut up and kiss me!”

Well I will keep this in mind for the next screens I do.
But what was wrong with my posing?

1st picture, that’s a very odd way to kneel.

You’re missing finger posing for one, and the posing in general is just bad…

This is my first screenshot by the way.Is this one any better?

HOW must i put this…



also i swear to god those filters must have ruined my eyesight just now

Filter rape, also, they don’t hold guns right. Since when could people shoot guns with 1 finger without it flying out of their hands?

He is holding the pistol with his whole hand.

Don’t use simple DOF like that. You can clearly see the fine line of blurring.

You can’t be serious.

The guy in the third picture isn’t even holding the pistol.

first screenshots are always good when they involve a military force and zombies

Sharpen tool… it burns

To put it simple, your posing is shit and needs work, you need to do finger posing which you haven’t even bothered to do, and you filter raped it meaning you turned on the worst ingame filter and over did it.